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Anandvan Pathmeda, the holy and beautiful land of India was selected for grazing and wandering for the gentle, bold, brave, strong and best milk productive Brahm swaroopa cows of the world brought from vrindavan by lord Krishna staying there in the holy month of Bhadrapad while going from kurukshetra to Dwarika, Anandvan is a delicate combination of cow rearing folk culture of marwar, kathiawad and Tharparker as well as a confluence of the holy river the sarswati flowing underground, the sindhu flowing in kachhran and the savitri flowing on the land by which destroyer of sins of many birth lord kirishna, kamdhenu and place of adoration of kalpguru Dattatrey.

National great creative campaign has been started from this very place in 1993 to prevent tyranny against the descendants of Kamdheru, Kapila and Surbhi cows which had been treated atrociously for last 12 centuries. Under this great campaign first of all shree Gopal Goverdhan Goshala (cow dwelling) and shree Godham Mahatirth pathmeda have been established and a working committee for cow service has been constituted in which all the representatives of cow devotees have been included (Goseva Ashram) cow service centres, cow protection centers and cow service camps have been established under the direction of shree pathmeda Godham mahatirth in different regions of western Rajasthan and North West Gujrat.

Through this campaigh donation for cows has been collected from cow devotees, religious persons and cow rearing farmers and sent it to the cow service centres for nourishing cows. Thus a polite attempt for the nourishment of the dependant cows has been done through receiving donations for these cows form the cow devotees and cow rearing farmers in this way in the first step of this campaign millions of cows have been given protection which were saved from cruel hands of butchers and afflicted in the terrible famine (draught).

The number of cow descendants sheltered in different cow service centers which are established and run by shree pathmeda Godharn mahatirth are as follows from the establishment of shree Godham mahatirth till today for last 20 years, The institution was opened in 1993 with 8 mother cows.

YearNo. Of Cow

The useful cow descendants are being distributed to the cow rearing persons in thousands of number every year.